Inputting your USA size is more accurate if you are narrow fitting.

This can be found inside your shoes printed normally in the heel or under the tongue.

Medissa take 1½  sizes off the USA size to reach the UK size.

99% of Narrow footwear are originally USA sized in the factory. Italian manufacturers used the USA size for narrow shoes and the Continental for standard to wide fitting shoes. When this footwear reaches the shops each shop makes up a UK size. So if you ask for a certain UK size in several shops you could be given different lengths.

The original translation of USA sizes to UK sizes was to take 1½ off the USA size. Thus a USA 8 ½ (Sometimes known as an 85) was translated into a UK 7. Some of the most renown companies in the UK’ Barker, ‘K’ & Holmes, all took 1½ sizes off. The original Shoe retailers journal “The shoe and leather news” also translated sizes in this way. As I have been in the trade all my life (40 years), I still do this. The majority of my customers also do this.

Other shops

A growing trend with newer companies is to take 2 sizes off the USA size. Some manufacturers are now also changing to do this. Whilst this is not in keeping with tradition there is nothing untoward with this, as it is their right to translate as they wish. We are only concerned in sending you the correct size.

Remember if you are in doubt please ring us, we are here to help.

Size conversion chart

USA 7 8 9 10 10½ 11 11½ 12 13
UK 5 6 7 8 9 10 10½ 11½
Cont. 38 38½ 39 39½ 40 41 42 42½ 43 43½  44 44½ 45

To be more accurate a 43 is in between a Uk 9 and 9 1/2 in length.

To be more accurate a 44 is in between a Uk 10  and 10 1/2 in length.

To be more accurate a 45 is in between a Uk 11 and 11 1/2 in length.