Best Fit Guide

Perfect fit?

Customers want a Magic wand that ensures shoes will fit.
Let’s be honest with you. Companies that promise you this are just conning you.
The Myths:
Footgauge the word gauge means that it gives a guide to your size. These were invented to cut down the work of the Shoe fitter. In most cases (80%) they are very accurate. However, some feet splay and spread more than average when walking, making the gauge reading less accurate. Some feet have certain unique problems that gauges cannot measure.

Foot diagrams.
Foot diagrams are guides like the above but not as accurate. They are a useful tool for a shoe fitter but not Gospel.

Buying the same size.
We are constantly told by customers that they are only one size and fit.
Whilst this may be correct with 70% of shoes it is certainly not correct with all. Generally, Propet fit smaller than most makes. Naturalizer fit bigger than most makes. Moccasins constructions tend to fit shorter. Feet do not grow later in life but the Arches drop and feet can get longer. Many other quirks exist.

So what is the best way to get the fit right?
Simply putting in a bit of time and effort. Tell us about the shoes you have. What makes fit you best. What sizes are printed inside the shoes. If you do not have comfortable fitting shoes tell us the same information and why they are uncomfortable. To a good shoe fitter this is more accurate than Foot diagrams. Do this preferable on the phone, if you cannot do this email us details.